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Current Feature - Lenten Reflections, 2019.

Areas of Interest


Theology is simply thinking about God. God wouldn't need to think about himself - it is a mark of our createdness that we think about him.

One of the beliefs of Judaism and of Christianity is that God has not left us completely in the dark when it comes to thinking about him.

He has helped us in several ways. He has communicated to us already through scripture, through prophets, the created 'natural' world, and finally, through his Son, Jesus. And he communicates with us, through our prayer to him, and through his Spirit to our spirits in ways that will always be mysterious.

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family and society

I am passionate about family. I am utterly convinced that without strong family structures, any society will crumble and decay.

What makes for strong families is a debate that is often acrimonious, but always fascinating.

My own family consists of a wife to whom I was married in 1971, three children, and nine grandchildren. I consider myself to have been deeply blessed.

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I have spent most of my life at school: I went to school; I went to university; I became a teacher; I served as Principal for 25 years.

Now, in retirement, I've gone back to school and earnt a Doctorate and now teach university students about Theology and English Literature.

I've always been something of a maverick in Education. I think that most of the experts get it wrong when it comes to education. I also think that there is a massive chasm between the concept of Education and the notion of schooling.

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Devotional studies

I love to write about the Bible. This book has been my guide all of my life. I love it.

I have learned to read it much better in my mature years,and much differently from when I was younger. Many people don't quite know what to look for when they open the Bible.

I love to help ordinary people to read it and to understand it, and to help them see how it can speak to them. 

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governance and leadership

My interest in these topics arises from my work in Education.

I've been members of many Boards, both in Australia and internationally, and have served as a CEO in two independent schools.

Most people don't appreciate that an independent school is a business. In my last school, we had an annual budget of over 20 million dollars, employed about 220 people, had a client base of over 3000 people, interacted with all levels of government, constructed over 50 million dollars worth of buildings, and had export earnings through overseas students of about a half million dollars. 

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Some things take more space to write than others. When I have felt that I have written something that needs a longer exploration, I have turned it either into a printed book or an e-book.

Some of these e-books are (or soon will be) available on this site - on all kinds of topics.




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